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Allowed Items

You may bring the following items into the test center:

  • admission ticket – required
  • valid picture I.D. – required
  • Code of Conduct Agreement – required
  • wallet
  • keys and car key fob (without a data port)
  • hygiene products
  • tissues
  • laptop and power cord – power strips will be provided at each testing table
  • jacket or sweater with no hood
  • non-mechanical pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, pens, and/or highlighters for essay-writing on TUESDAY ONLY
  • unwrapped gum, cough drops, or hard candy;
  • medication, glucose tablets or gel
  • beverage(s), up to 12 oz. each, in a bottle or cup with a top

In addition, medical aids that are necessary to ambulate (cane, crutches, walker, wheelchair, service animal, prosthetic limb, cast, brace, or sling), are necessary to communicate (hearing aid, voice amplifier), or are required for medical or health reasons (heart monitor, Epinephrine auto-injector, insulin pump, glucose monitor, blood sugar testing kit, TENS unit), are allowed but may be inspected by test center supervisors.

Prohibited Items

Examinees are not allowed to bring any items to the test center other than those items specifically allowed (see above). The following are examples of prohibited items:

Any electronic device, including but not limited to:

  • cell or mobile phones
  • fitness trackers
  • watches (including smart watches), desk clocks, or timers
  • media players
  • tablets
  • calculators
  • headphones
  • language translators
  • picture-taking devices
  • data storage devices

Other prohibited items, including but not limited to:

  • uncovered beverages or beverages greater than 12 oz. – additional water will be provided at the test center
  • written materials (including books and notes), scratch paper, post-its, or paper of any kind
  • mechanical pencils or mechanical erasers
  • rulers
  • briefcases, handbags, suitcases, laptop bags, or backpacks of any kind
  • books, newspapers, or magazines
  • firearms or weapons
  • earplugs, earmuffs, or headphones of any kind – earplugs will be provided at the test center
  • hats and/or hoods (except religious apparel) may not be worn on the head
  • food or beverages (unless pre-authorized for medical reasons)

In addition, on WEDNESDAY, no:

  • laptops
  • pencils, erasers, pens, or highlighters – pencils will be provided for you on this day

Test center staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) holds the copyright to the bar examination and its content, and exam content may be considered for reuse in future exams or in copyrighted educational materials. Both disclosure of exam content and cheating on a test are prohibited, as such practices undermine the integrity and fairness of the examination process.

The following conduct is prohibited and may result in immediate dismissal from the test center and/or cancellation of the examinee’s score:

  • bringing prohibited electronic devices (whether turned on or off) or other prohibited items to the test center
  • taking test materials, prohibited electronic devices, or other prohibited items out of the testing room during any scheduled or unscheduled break or at the conclusion of the testing period
  • causing a disruption or disturbance
  • copying answers from another examinee or sharing answers with another examinee
  • continuing to write after a supervisor has instructed examinees to stop

Examinees may not retain any test materials. All test materials must be returned intact to the test supervisor after testing. The following conduct is prohibited at all times, including after the examination:

  • sharing the substance or details of any test question, including the question’s fact pattern, option choices, or answer, in whole or in part, with anyone via electronic (including email, blogs, and online social and professional networking sites), telephonic, written, oral, or other means
  • reproducing, paraphrasing, summarizing, or describing to any other person any test content from memory
  • forwarding, re-posting, hosting, or otherwise advancing, on the Internet or by other means, the distribution of exam content that others have disclosed

NOTE: Jurisdictions may prohibit additional items and behavior, and examinees must follow the rules and policies of the jurisdiction in which they test.

Unauthorized disclosure of exam content or engaging in prohibited conduct before, during, or after the examination could result in some or all of the following penalties:

  • civil liability
  • criminal penalties
  • cancellation of the examinee’s test scores
  • denial of the examinee’s application to sit for future exams
  • denial of the examinee’s bar application on character and fitness grounds
  • disciplinary action by a bar authority if the examinee is already admitted to practice law

Electronic Devices No-Tolerance Policy

The New Mexico Board of Bar Examiners has a strict no-tolerance policy regarding examinees in possession of electronic devices. Any examinee in possession of a prohibited electronic device, regardless of whether or not it is turned on, will have the device confiscated and will be called before the Board’s Character and Fitness Committee.

Admission tickets

Approximately three weeks before the exam, applicants with complete files will be sent their admission tickets, along with information on the test site, times, and test-day requirements, via US Mail. If you have not received this information, it may be that you have not completed your file with us or that your address has changed. We will have attempted to contact you prior to mailing out the tickets; please check your mail and email before calling us to ask about a missing admission ticket and/or be sure to keep your email and mailing addresses current.

Out-of-town examinees

The Bar Examination will be held in the Albuquerque Convention Center. For information on visiting Albuquerque, including hotel listings near the convention center, visit the Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau website.