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Examination Results

July 2015

The Board makes every effort to get the results out as soon as possible. Please do not call or email the office to inquire about your score or the date that the results will be released. The New Mexico Supreme Court is the first entity to see the results. Once the Court approves the list, the pass list will then be posted on our web site and letters mailed the same day.

February 2015

Pass rates:
  • Overall: 80%
  • First-time takers: 90%

The Board of Bar Examiners is pleased to report the results of the February 2015 bar examination. The following applicants were successful on the written and MBE portions of the regular bar examination and have successfully taken the MPRE section, and the Board certifies to the Court that these applicants have met all requirements for admission to the New Mexico State bar:

Kousha Adhami
Alexander Aronov
Bradley Henderson Bartlett
Erika Lorraine Friis Baylor
Kedar Bhasker
Reed Charles Bienvenu
Alexandra Emily Bochte
Juliane Lange Bradshaw
Laura Maria Castille
Erica Wells Chavez
Rosenda Chavez
Andrew William Coffing
Christopher Allen Dodd
Kurtis Ray Donisthorpe
Adair Kathleen Fincher
Russell Ramon Fisk
Ellen Frick
Jesse D. Gallegos
Eric Guerrero
John Andrew Hallman
Hooman Hedayati
Megan Aline Hopper-Rebegea
Leah Elizabeth Housler
Jennifer Ruth James
Michael P. Jasso
Allison Micheli Kamm
Amber R. Macias-Mayo
Jessica Elyse Marquez
Bryan Kenneth Martin
Elbert Lelland Martin, IV
Carlos Martinez
Juan Alonso Martinez
LeAnn Montes
Christa Virginia Morrow
Celedonia Munoz
David Pardo
Pooja Ajay Pathak
Julia Marie Petrucelli
Elizabeth Marie Piazza
Erin Morgan Pitcher
Ashlee Marie Placencio
Jonathan E. Roehlk
William B. Russell II
Katrina Laura Marissa Sánchez
Eran Shemuel Sharon
Diana Shearer
Mandana Shoushtari
Brielle Goldberg Stewart
B. W. Stone
Matthew Joseph Strand
David Logan Thomas
Jonathon Michael Thomas
Darren Patrick White II
Douglas Alan Wilber
Mitchell Teague Williams
Justin A. Young

The following applicants have successfully completed the written and MBE portions of the bar examination but have not successfully completed the MPRE requirement and/or other requirements for admission, and their admission will be deferred pending completion of all requirements:

Russell Terence Abeln
Gissou Azarnia
Xavier Alexander Barraza
Anelisa Benavides
Lisa Cheng
Estina M. Goertz
Fred Karl Heinrich
Manuel Hernan Hernandez
Kristen April Lowell
Samuel Mccallum Olmstead
Jaimie Lynn Park
G. Alexander Rossario
David Franklin Shapiro
Jennifer Michelle Shavers
Maris Veidemanis
Casey Antonio Williams
Luciane Hsiang Hsin Yeh
Cynthia Louise Zedalis