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Reinstatement Instructions

The Board makes every effort to process reinstatement applications in a timely fashion.  However, there is no “expedited” process for these applications.  Please plan accordingly, especially if an employment opportunity depends on your reinstatement to active status.  CLE deficits and the FBI/state criminal report can delay the turnaround time for reinstatement applications.

In order to apply for reinstatement, please submit:

  1. One copy of the application signed and notarized in the original. This application must be completed in its entirety with complete addresses for past employers and references. Your New Mexico Bar number must be included on the first page.
  2. One copy of the Statement of Social-Security Number, signed and dated, in the original.
  3. Two copies of the release form for the NM Board of Bar Examiners signed and notarized in the original.
  4. Three copies of the release form for the National Conference of Bar Examiners signed and notarized in the original.
  5. A check, money order, or Credit Card Authorization form, made out for $350.00 payable to the NM Board of Bar Examiners.
  6. A copy of your credit report printed within 30 days of submitting the application. You can obtain a free credit report at annualcreditreport.com (available every 12 months).
  7. Have your fingerprints taken and have your FBI and State Criminal Identification Record submitted to this Board. Instructions are available on our website.

Mail the documents to New Mexico Board of Bar Examiners, 9420 Indian School Road NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112.

State Bar Dues

Your application will not be processed if you still owe State Bar dues or have CLE deficits. If you are not sure, you may call the State Bar at 505-797-6000 to check your dues account.

CLE Requirements

Once you have been reinstated to active status, you are expected to complete all the CLE requirements for that calendar year. The CLE requirements are not pro rated or waived, even if there is only one month left in the year. For more information about your CLE requirements, please contact Anita Otero at 505- 821-1783 or

Rules & Requirements

Reinstatement to the New Mexico Bar is governed by Rule 15-302(B)-(C) NMRA.

B. Reinstatement. A member of the bar who voluntarily withdraws from membership in the state bar, or goes on inactive status pursuant to the rules of the state bar, or who has been suspended for nonpayment of bar dues or fees, shall be required to file an application for reinstatement to active status with the Board of Bar Examiners for recommendation to the Supreme Court, and shall be required to pay to the Board of Bar Examiners a fee of three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00), plus any reasonable additional expenses, attorneys fees and costs in connection with any investigations and hearings as the board deems necessary. Unless otherwise ordered by the Supreme Court, an applicant for reinstatement will not be required to take the bar examination.
C. Reinstatement; additional condition. The Supreme Court, as a condition of reinstatement, may impose a requirement that the applicant enroll in continuing legal education classes or a bar review course or any other requirement that the Supreme Court may deem necessary.
The New Mexico Rules are housed on the website of the New Mexico Compilation Commission.
For information on becoming an inactive member of the New Mexico Bar, please visit the New Mexico Bar Association website.
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